August 11, 2009

Vampires (RWP Prompt #87)

This poem was written by me (under duress) for the Read Write Poem Prompt #87.
I chose the vowel sound of oo, and used as many of those dang words as I could fit!

Moonlight pools upon an empty tomb
as midnight’s Groom collects his brood.
To choose, to hunt -
wooing from the light some innocent,
a beating heart, alive, and new.
With soothing sounds and shrewd maneuvers,
they seclude into their reclusive gloom,
a tender beauty, with fullness of youth.
Proving cruel dominance
over earthly fools,
who are but food to the ghoulish troupe.

A long sharp tooth harpooning flesh -
a brutal wound. Blood let loose
as spooling ribbons of ruby fluid.
Swooping into their gruesome cocoon,
they feast upon her mortal ruin.
This luminous beauty, left bruised and blue,
drooped and swooning,
until the vampire Groom intrudes.
Looming down upon the doomed, mewling life
and removing her to his marble womb.
The next recruit - a bride - through which to live anew.


  1. What freudian slippers are you wearing today Cynthia? Isn't a coincidence that we both used
    oo.Your poem reminds me of Victorian verse.
    Tennyson perhaps.I'm going to reread some.I think your poem is well crafted,am impressed .I'm going to write my next poem in Victorian verse style. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hi again, Cynthia.

    Well, there's no problem with Vampires. It just didn't open the first time! I really enjoyed my first reading of this and you have had great success with the oo sound. It certainly has a gothic quality. Why was it under duress?

  3. i love "intrudes" and "recruit" in this! i also did the ü sound and enjoy seeing the words others chose!

  4. Great use of sound here, Cynthia!