February 10, 2010

circa 1972 (RWP #113)

(Interior of 1968 Ford Bronco courtesy of Photobucket)
This prompt took me WAY out of my comfort zone! Not only is it written in a style I don't usually attempt, this is my first real sexual poetry (as to me that topic seems beaten to death). So...I decided to throw off my shackles and be glaringly honest in the spirit of this "cleansing" prompt.
PS this is dedicated to the one I STILL love...

Ready for anything
in a dust plastered Bronco,
two of the "uncool"
play grown-up
on a star-soaked
desert night.
Steamed up windows from
sweat-slick fumbling
as "Tupelo Honey" plays
for a brown-eyed girl.
Apple wine tongues
teasing - searching,
as blue jeans
twist and bind.
Damn gear shift
and concrete armrest.
Awkward giggles as
Toes curl
into cold naugahyde.
It’s all too perfect-
shame can wait.
(Tupelo Honey & Brown-Eyed Girl were our two favorite "make-out" songs...thanks, Van Morrison...)


  1. Looks to me like you throwed off more than your shackles!

    Nice memory...thanks for sharing....

  2. Whoa! You rocked the prompt.
    The blue jeans bind detail and the concrete armrest--yep, been there. Gear shift. Why we didn't just get into the back seat, I don't know
    Thanks for the Tupelo Honey. Hadn't thought of that one in a while: just like honey, baby, from the bee...

  3. shame can wait.

    What a perfect ending to this scene. Nice detail, those toes on cold naugahyde.

  4. Wow. This is really alive. You outdid yourself in both subject matter and style.

    I also really like the last line. Perfect.

  5. '49 black Ford two door. Ahhhh, the price we pay for memory. I believe you did really good for your "first." And, wasn't it fun? Very expressive, a pleasure to remember the past through your poem. Thanks.

  6. Its all too perfect -
    shame can wait.

    Those were the days... :-)

  7. Agreed with everyone else, that last line is wonderful. And overdone or not, this is a well-done sex poem; it dances right around the sultry edges and teases without giving too much away.

  8. Ending is perfect - last line brings all the little details into the broader perspective.

  9. The ending did it for me too.-Irene

  10. What fun! I can almost remember, but I couldn't write it! Love this!

  11. Love the dashboard, and the poem too! Really cool, as they say!

    Really Cynthia, simple and tight, just frugal right, and the ending, so so very expressive of that moment. Very nice! Well done to the prompt.

  12. "shame can wait" - nicely done! Toes curling into cold naugahyde - excellent control of the idiom of the era, with this and "Tupelo Honey" -apple wine, much more. So - this is a departure from your usual form? You should explore this path -

  13. Great scene--it really captures a moment.

  14. wonderful write Cynthia...no shame here...reminds me of my 53 Cevvy..although it was an automatic....in my poem this weekI got steamed up and sweaty in our sauna...its all good....keep up your writng...cheers

  15. Wonderful and sexy poem! Thanks for sharing!


  16. apple wine tongues, I am guessing it was Boone's Farm or the like. Perfect "we are just kids" detail that brings this poem to life so wondrously!

    The photo clinches the perfection of this moment.

    YAY for you and your STILL love, too.