April 05, 2010

Sea Breeze

(photo courtesy of Photobucket)

On a VERY few days a year, in this land-locked desert where I live, suddenly the winds change and bring up the wonderful feel and smell of the Gulf of California, over 300 miles away. On those occasions I am transported…

Within this arid desert home,
of sagebrush, dust
and creosote,
on days so rare they might be dreams,
the wind delivers some wild gift.

Upon each waft, each drift of breeze,
floats thoughts of waves
and tropic spray.
Faint taste of salt to kiss your tongue,
and kelp’s long arms caress your face.

Breathe deep and you can smell the sea,
with sun drenched sand
and rustling palms.
As dolphins call to beg you “come”
Then in your mind you fly away.


  1. ahhhh, lovely. Today it is raining in Bakersfield in April, which is rare, rare, rare. I have been thinking I brought a slice... albeit a tiny slice... of New England back with me. Your poem took it even deeper. Love the line about dolphins calling. Beautiful.

  2. Hi Cynthia,

    We could use some of this balmy weather around here! I love the kelp's long arms ...
    I woz transported!

  3. Wonderful! I can imagine how it must feel to have a snippet of that experience come through.

  4. Wow. This is so vivid. What an amazing thing to experience in the middle of the desert.