October 06, 2009

Sonnet #1

(For the "New Formalism" group on RWP)

Last night in dreams I once again was free,
Afloat in heaven’s realm above man’s grasp.
The earth was naught but meaningless to me,
Unto my soul, abandon did I clasp.

To soar amongst the stars in darkest space,
To glide within cool oceans as a fish,
To run with stallions wild and give them chase,
To fly aloft on clouds would be my wish.

In sleep I break the bonds that hold me fast,
From everything belonging to the day.
The cloying rules and duties of the past,
I shrug off mighty chains and bound away.

At morning’s servitude and blazing light,
I lie and wait for magic in the night.


  1. How lovely. I have never been a big fan of sonnets, as they are too structured/difficult for me. However, I like what you've done with this.

    Especially the subject matter. Sleep is a wonderful thing.


  2. Hi Cynthia,

    I found myself wondering which book you pinched this from!!! Magic indeed. You should be mightily pleased with your first sonnet.

    This and Angie's illustrate how the form can be applied to very different ideas. I must try and find the other contributions. And then see if my own pen is equal to the task!

  3. Nice Job! I love the challenge of a sonnet, but haven't written one in a long time. I just might have to join this group!

  4. Congratulations on writing your first sonnet -- with rhyme no less! I like the aura of Midsummer Night's Dream -- the fantasy of it, the return to a state of nature (animals). Would you consider reading it a local poetry open mic for Halloween?

  5. Lovely and very dream-like indeed!