December 11, 2009

ho - ho - ho

(photo courtesy of Photobucket)

I’m dreaming of a tropical vacation,
A trip to some exotic sunny shore.
To relax upon warm sand
would be so very grand.
No, I don’t believe in Christmas anymore.

It’s nothing but a crass commercial frenzy,
Of buy and wrap and cook and entertain.
That garish Christmas tree
doesn't mean a thing to me,
And those carols are just driving me insane!

Jingle Bells and Rudolf and Old Frosty,
Plus Santa with his bloody silly sleigh.
Piles of trashy plastic toys
made to brainwash girls and boys,
Oh how I wish that I could run away.

But I am stuck within this tinsel prison,
as I complete each stupid endless chore.
Instead I want a holiday
where the palm trees gently sway.
No, I don’t believe in Christmas anymore.


  1. Well 'Bah Humbug' to you too! The answer lies in your own hands, dear Cynthia, and you must be shopping in the wrong shops!

  2. News: All the exotic shores have Christmas,even South East Asia.There's no escape.I must say turquoise water,white sand and palm trees do ease the stress.Ignore Derrick.He has been very
    grumpy of late.At this rate he'll end up with an old potato in his Christmas stocking.He is going to have to be much nicer to us to get off Santa's
    black list.

  3. I play Christmas by ~my~ rules now.
    No tree if I don't feel like it. (I don't.)
    I shop online & have everything delivered to my/their door.
    I don't overcook.
    I only go to the parties I *really* want to go to.

    However, it helps to live in a city where I can party anytime on a moments notice!

    I like this poem very mush!
    Merry Saturday to you.

  4. As I was reading this, I kept hearing 'No Ho Ho' in my head...

    I understand what you are saying and can truly empathize at times.

    So, no 'Bah Humbug' but I hope it gets better.

    And you wrote this out quite well.

  5. nicely done Cynthia.....happy holidays to you