May 21, 2010

War Within (BTP #3)

(fish scales courtesy of Photobucket)
There were some really interesting words in the prompt this week.  At first I used a majority of them, but they didn't make it through my "slash and burn" editing!  They did remind me of a theme, one which is a recurrent one with me...

Resistance is futile.

I doff my scales with my convictions-

all lay crumpled,

shed like armor,

-my caparison-

that once guarded me from

every hurtful word,

or fondled loving touch.

As finally I capitulate,

remove each barrier to closeness,

 I still retain

one small and tender bit,

-my protection-

folded gently,

and hid within some sacred purse

at rest within my silent heart.
This theme of protecting oneself from hurt and suffering by not letting go and being full open to others is something I struggle with daily.  It is a learned response.  (Writing poetry has really helped me with this...)


  1. This is just gorgeous. A lovely economical use of the Wordle words - more would have spoiled it.
    I also love your pictures - they'd make great quilts!

  2. This is a beautiful product from the chosen words, Cynthia.

  3. And keep on writing. This is a beautiful testament to how we must drop the armor we raise around ourselves if we are to be open, love, and live. I am struggling with the same thing.

    The word use is excellent here: nothing superfluous, nothing wasted.


  4. Wonderful work with this prompt!

  5. this is so true-. I relate as I have the same tendency , to isolate myself so I don't get hurt...

  6. Well said - I love the continued seeking and folded protection.

  7. I love where the prompt led you-- evocative piece.

  8. You've captured one of humanity's recurring themes so beautifully. I like the words you kept, and the brevity. That works for the tenderness, the guardedness "folded gently" in "some sacred purse." Well done!

    (And beautiful artwork to accompany it, too!)

  9. A beautiful caparison of a poem Cynthia. I think this one's a gem.

  10. Absolutely divine in the simplicity and moment, but especially liked that "sacred purse." The image is gorgeous!

  11. "folded gently/ and hid" is my favorite part!

  12. I love that image of the last tender bit too. We all struggle with this to some degree.