May 27, 2010

The Strong, Silent Type (BTP #4)

The week's prompt was to write about an aphrodisiac...YIKES! 
This piece is quite personal...but luckily, the only aphrodisiac I need (as of yet) is written about below. 

It starts with just a simple glance,
a sideways tilt; his cheshire grin.
One eyebrow raised in beckoning,
his rumbling laugh
from deep within.

Then I may glimpse within his stare,
a magic mirror where I can
now see myself as he still does,
young, taut, un-scarred
by all the years.

That starts this old and tired heart,
to fire once again like new,
and feel a warm, soft moistening,
like custard melts
in summer’s sun.

His quietude in which I’ve lived,
through decades past and still to come,
now broken by one simple line,
a finger crooked,
and rasped, “come on”.
.(We've been together since 1972...)


  1. Yep, I know why you stay. Your ole man has got those bedroom eyes and a good set of teeth to match :)

  2. Beautifully written, Cynthia!

  3. Cynthia, this is wonderful. I hope he reads it, though it might make him blush it might be an aphrodisiac for him!

  4. Delicious imagery - in words and photo. Good for you!

  5. Beautiful simply beautiful.

  6. Yum. We're still sexy after fifty (or sixty or...), eh? I loved that you didn't make me feel like I had to be twenty again to enjoy the sensuality of this poem. Thanks!

  7. (I'm with Linda!)

    It's a beautiful work. Just the right amount of disclosure to let the reader in.

  8. you and i did a similar aphrodisiac. yours was eye contact and mine was time/attention.

    i love how this ends: "come on." so sweet and simple.

  9. His quietude in which I’ve lived,
    through decades past and still to come...

    That reality is a thing of true beauty, Cynthia. Thanks for sharing.

  10. How nice to see a poem about older love.

    I love the custard image.

  11. I too liked very much the poem about 'older love.' And I agree with Deb...just the right amount of disclosure!

  12. Beautiful. It's wonderful when love lasts.

  13. You have it exactly, desire substantiated by long, deep years together, a lifetime of experiences, familiar and yet always exciting. This is love as we all dream it. Thank you...

    (trying to comment via my WordPress blog, but system won't let me -do have a Blogspot blog, but it's closed to comments)

  14. Nothiong generates the hots like time and familiarity. Well done. I especially liked appreciated the reference to being able, after the years, to see you as you once were.