September 09, 2010

Are You Listening? (BTP)

(Photo courtesy of Photobucket)

 At   Big Tent Poetry  this week the prompt was to "Think of something you've said, now write what you wish you had said."  This long ago scene immediately flashed through my mind...

Staring into your
empty, glistening, reptilian eyes
for some sign of shame,
(or perhaps contrition),
I see your self-absorption, 
 your thoughts containing only
basic, clawing want.
Your insectile ears just hear
(blah- blah, white noise).
 Human conversation is
  incomprehensible blather
you refuse to understand.
Then a slapping realization dawns 
that all I’ve said
(and dreamed of saying all these years)
has wasted too much energy
and can’t  matter to a soulless thing...
I should have only said 
A long time ago, in an act of self-preservation.  I had to cut myself away from someone who had spent years hurting me.  When I tried to finally let them know what they had done,  I realized I might as well have been speaking to a snail….


  1. Don't hold back. Say what you really mean, Cynthia:) 'Insectile ears' would reduce any adversary to a heap.

    LOL (maybe in sheer nervous terror)

  2. I understand. As they say, I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

  3. Terrific poem. Bravo for getting it off your chest.

  4. yes. yes. been there. done that. :)

    great use of metaphor to get it done!

  5. I'm applauding. Cathartic is good.


  6. Some crazy characters in this world, and it is rare that the words of others breaks through the barriers of their ears. Wonderfully written work! =)


  7. Cynthia I say do not hold anything back!

  8. Exactly. Well said. I heard every word. :)

  9. I hear you, Cynthia. Sometimes just the word GOOD-BYE is enough. Other words are wasted....

  10. A snake??? Hisssss! I agree, GOOD BYE is definitely good enough. You don't want to be angry and quoted, LOL. Indeed, a strong poem!

  11. Amen. Yes. What a strong poem.

  12. But how do you really feel? Ha ha -- loved this. Very cathartic to get that anger out. Great imagery!

  13. A difficult experience but at least you got a poem out of it.

    Had to laugh - the captcha word was 'partin'

  14. "slapping realization" ... loved the kinetic urge in "slapping" and how it supports the whole poem.

  15. You capture that moment of clarity and self-preservation so well.

  16. I thought this is intriguing and I wonder did you use the photo as inspiration? I think all of us have been this angered with a person and hurt built up inside us. If this piece was wasted on them then you did not waste it here, because you have peers that appreciate good work even tho it was intended to "enlighten someone" else.

  17. No doubt your valedictory words were as much in the service of your own self-respect as they were for the comprehension of the guilty party so I'm sure they weren't wasted. And 'goodbye' must have been the last one of them so you did get it in!

  18. I've been there, and this is a powerful reminder.

  19. I love how you described him/her as "reptilian" and insect-like. The imagery really added an extra punch to this strong poem.