June 03, 2010

Calgon (BTP#5)

(Photo courtesy Photo8.com) 

The title refers to an old commercial for a woman's bath product who's catch phrase was, "Calgon, take me away!"  The rigid 8 syllable lines and rhymes within the piece are there to give it a traditional, forced, and dated feeling; a subliminal way of showing how trapped we can be by expectations in our lives, and how hard it is to break out of a rut into something new...

One day I’m going to run away,
and shed my skin of must and should,
throw off  layers of who I am,
and stop this circumscribed cliche.

There’s no importance where I land,
it doesn't matter what I find.
To just exist in some new way,
where nothing's ever been pre-planned.

Where I can be some other me,
and only dream of my desires,
while re-inventing future days,
into some unique way to be.

I won't do anything the same,
but break each habit that's ingrained,
to just revise myself into,
an empty slate without a name.
As someone who has spent her entire life in the same small town, under the watchful gaze of those around me, this has always been a fantasy...



  1. An interesting well written confessional poem. Liked it a lot.I have an idea. Join us at POW and dance naked in the street (in verse that is)
    away from prying eyes of doomsville!You could always tell them to get stuffed..no-one will ever speak to you again but at least you will get some peace and quiet:)

  2. This happens I think when you live in a small town all your life! I lived in a small town for six years here in Mexico and I can certainly relate to this. Well written!

  3. We are attuned again! I wrote one about running away too!

    I like how you describe the ingrained feeling: skin of must and should.

  4. I love how the poet will shed her skin of must and do—and do everything differently. Lovely poem.

  5. Ah yes, don't so many have that dream of running away? But the question is: Where to? And 'me's' are the same no matter where you are. At least I think so.


  6. It is a wonderful feeling! At least I found it so. Great imagery!

  7. OH! I have had these feelings. I loved how you've expressed them.

  8. It worked for me, on both levels.

  9. Very, very good! I felt that way growing up in a small town and I did get away!
    BTW - love the fractal in your header!
    Also - what is BTP? Oh, I'll click & see where it takes me. :)

  10. Cynthia -- I love your intuition to put this perception and thought into a form. I got away from my small town, traveled the world, and here I am -- right back in a small town. But, at least I didn't grow up with these folks. My favorite line: "and shed my skin of must and should." Bravo.

  11. eh, Cynthia ...wishful thinking, I say to myself.
    But I could run away like you in poetry.

  12. The form & content fit each other so well! It'd be fun to take that idea one step further (personal journal, maybe?) and describe what that alternative might be.

    I bet your could come up with some fun/crazy stuff.


  13. PS -- you don't *have* to share, but it would be great if you did. Just sayin'.

  14. Yes Cynthia , many of us have the urge to drop everything and lose this present identity that holds us in captivity. Nice poem, thanks for sharing.

  15. I like the idea of using structure to reinforce theme. It's not a small town, but I've been in Chicago for 30 years now and I'm feeling a need for reinvention myself.

  16. Great poem, Cynthia, and an idea for which many others would seem to hanker. But I wonder if we can ever escape ourself really? The prison-like feeling of familiarity can also offer security.