December 30, 2009

Prayer for the New Year (RWP #107)

(Shotgun Blast by Shane Gorski)
This Photo Prompt had such a spiritual quality to it, I thought it apropos to do a prayerful poem in hopes for the New Year. As a very lapsed Catholic, I still could not help but add part of the prayers of mass. "God bless us, everyone."

within the cathedral of hopelessness
each light of heaven valiantly strives
to wash away the sins of the world...

have mercy on us.

amongst broken spirits and battered souls
sanctity consecrates humankind
to wash away the sins of the world...

bring us peace.

through the futility of existence
divine grace comforts the simple heart
to wash away the sins of the world...

hear our prayer.


December 23, 2009


(photo courtesy of Photobucket)
For this prompt idea, we were supposed to use repetition - of theme, idea, sound -(well, you get the idea). I have had snippets of this poem rattling around for a while but this finally gave me the impetus to finish it. (PS, it's really NOT about water...)

drip drip drip
so inconsequential - no rhyme, reason
tiny gentle droplets here, there
brushed away mindlessly and forgotten.

drip drip drip
building momentum - a steady tempo
a bit sharper now, much colder
constant aimed focus, hitting each sure spot.

drip drip drip
each splat hits cruelly - jabbing, stabbing
relentless ping, hard, sharp, icy
leaving jangling nerves and raw, bruised flesh.

drip drip drip
inevitable deep craters appear
large dark hollows leaving nothing
but echos of spirit, extinguished by

drip drip drip

December 11, 2009

ho - ho - ho

(photo courtesy of Photobucket)

I’m dreaming of a tropical vacation,
A trip to some exotic sunny shore.
To relax upon warm sand
would be so very grand.
No, I don’t believe in Christmas anymore.

It’s nothing but a crass commercial frenzy,
Of buy and wrap and cook and entertain.
That garish Christmas tree
doesn't mean a thing to me,
And those carols are just driving me insane!

Jingle Bells and Rudolf and Old Frosty,
Plus Santa with his bloody silly sleigh.
Piles of trashy plastic toys
made to brainwash girls and boys,
Oh how I wish that I could run away.

But I am stuck within this tinsel prison,
as I complete each stupid endless chore.
Instead I want a holiday
where the palm trees gently sway.
No, I don’t believe in Christmas anymore.

December 09, 2009

Scenes from a Marriage (RWP#104)

(Photo above of Eve just trying to put food on the table and Adam just trying to cop a feel...)

Over at Read, Write, Poem this week, we were given a prompt to write a poem about SEX! As I have been married to the same man for 34 years, and have NEVER been a dewy-eyed romantic, I just had to go with what I know....


Come gimme a kiss
I’m washing dishes.

Just sit down, they’ll keep
But it’s so late!

But you're so sexy...
I haven't even combed my hair today!

That's good cuz I'm gonna mess it up...
You ARE relentless.
Just look what you do to me...

I’ve seen that thing a million times.

You know you want it...
Honey, I’m tired
You won’t have to do a thing

Just lay back and enjoy it
That’s gross.

Don’t be such a party pooper
Oh... all right
Mmmm, You taste good
Your whiskers are scratchy.

God, I love your tits...

Honey, wait!

Wait for what?
Not yet...
Come on, you know you want to...
Ohhhh, No....
Does this feel good?
Ohhhh, Yes!

How ‘bout this?
Let’s go in the bedroom.

Nah, it's better on the couch
But the kids might wake up
I’ll be quiet
But I won’t!


What's for dinner?
Wouldn't you like a drink first?...
Silly question.
There now, isn't this nice...
What are you all made-up for?
Can't a girl try to look pretty once in a while?...
You don't have to do that for me.
I know.(This might be harder than I thought...)
Damn, I'm exhausted.
Poor baby...
Where are the kids?

At my mom's...
What for?
Thought we could use some alone time...
You're kidding, right?
I wouldn't kid about that...
I wanted to watch the game!
Wouldn't you rather look at this instead...
Turn that back on!
Oh, I'll turn something on...
Well, aren't you just a nasty little thing?
I thought that's why you married me...
You're right about that, get over here!

December 02, 2009

Granada (RWP #103)

(pomegranate by Nasos3)
This week for the poetry prompt from RWP we were to write something on pomegranates! After much head scratching, this is what I came up with.

Beneath gnarled branches
lies Eden’s temptation,
heavy sanguine globes, dusty
crowned, leathery wombs
encasing balaustine ovaries.

Wresting apart, rending wetly,
tangy bright nectar
stains greedy mouths
and drips sticky syrup
onto the earth.