September 27, 2009

I Am Someone

This is another of the autobiographical poems I was asked to write by my English teacher friend as an example for her class...

I’m a small scared rabbit,
hiding it’s head,
heart beating wildly,
hoping for salvation.

I’m a hot summer sun,
brightly illuminating
all I shine upon
and healing by my light.

I am a cold north wind,
bitter and unforgiving,
and an innocent smile
on a babies face.

I am gentle laughter,
and joyful banter.
Soft caresses,
and long wet kisses.

I am fresh baked bread,
rising soft and tender,
a warm fire and shelter
from the storm of life.

I am an armored warrior ,
striving to right
every wrong for all
who cannot fight.

I am a lowly ant,
gathering grain for the winter.
A destructive grasshopper,
living just for today.

I am torrential rain,
weeping down from heaven
covering the earth
with my sadness.

There are all these things
and more in me,
in a face well worn,
by a life well lived.


  1. Wow. Well done!
    I like the idea of being fresh baked bread...

  2. this was great, and really brought up many images and feelings in me as I read it.

  3. Hi Cynthia,

    This is a novel approach to one's personality. I imagine that many people wouldn't think to describe themselves in this way. But are you really as bitter and unforgiving as that cold north wind?!

  4. So you are all these things ...a myriad of complexities.I liked the baked bread and the long wet kisses at the same time being a destructive grasshopper and a bitter north wind.
    I think it might be a female thing Derrick!