September 01, 2009

Thoughts on a Pond

We are fortunate to have a koi pond in our backyard. Makes living in this dry place more bearable...These are some recent thoughts that came to me while spending some peaceful time pond-side.


Koi glide through a liquid universe
each a satellite unto themselves.

Sparkling diamonds of sunlight
broadcast secret codes to infinity.

Wasps float upon an invisible skim
splayed legs stuck to the honeylike fluid.

Dragonflies flit and dip downward
dragging heavy tails along a golden surface.

Mourning doves bathe within green shallows
preening dusty feathers, a daily ritual.


Sunset hued tropical blossoms
spew forth a heady, ancient fragrance.

Small desert toads poised on lily pads
trill their harmonious mating call.

Bats aerial maneuvers swoop and dive
vacuuming the air of mosquitoes.

Koi sleep silently among the rocks
submarines resting and recharging.

Swathes of moonlight paint each corner
With a silvery, fluorescent glow.


  1. Cindy, I am so impressed with your words. How lovely. I didn't realize when I first saw these entries a week or so ago that you are the poet. How wonderful.

    OK now use you creativity on my house!

    Julie-your neighbor who's house still needs a little more love!

  2. Hi Cynthia,

    This certainly conveys the dreamy pleasure of contemplating koi. I like the idea of diamonds of sunlight broadcasting secret codes and bats vacuuming the air!

    Thanks for your latest note too.