September 23, 2009

Fairytale (RWP Prompt #93)

For the prompt for this weeks poem, we were supposed to make up a story, fib, lie, bamboozle..(you get the drift). Writing this was so much fun! It only took seconds to decide what my poem should be…an old fashioned child’s fairy tale. This is for my three darling grandchildren - Emily, Tristan, and Clementine.

When I was but a child and left much on my own,
I’d roam far and wide, quite far from my home.
Into a cool quiet forest I’d travel to play,
Where I soon became lost there one soft summer day.

Frightened and tired in these woods oh so deep,
I lay down on thick moss near a burbling creek.
To calm panicked thoughts - to stop and to think,
but my poor weary eyes, they closed for a wink.

Too soon I was woken from a light fitful sleep,
By butterfly kisses on my tear -dampened cheek.
Then looking around, so amazing to see,
a large band of Fairies, just staring at me!

Tiny as hummingbirds, just hovering there,
Like a wreath they entwined themselves in my hair.
I stood very still, to show them pure trust,
Whereby they sprinkled me lightly with a shimmering dust.

Upon this anointing I became very small,
and looked to myself like a wee tiny doll!
Then those sprites gathered round and drawing me in,
Told me such secrets with their fey pixie grin.

They taught me their magic, they showed me the way,
Befriending this child on that warm summer day.
Together we flew with red robins and hopped on fat frogs,
Hid among toadstools and long hollow logs.

On squirrel backs we galloped up tall trees and down,
all the while giggling- a pixie can’t frown!
We feasted on berries, sipped nectar from flowers,
flew chase through gold sunbeams for hours and hours.

Sadly, soon it was twilight - I knew I must leave,
But one tiny fairy held fast to my sleeve.
“Come back to see us,” she trilled, as she gave me a gift.
“Use this dust to return here, it will give you a lift.”

Next she pointed me homeward, where I went on my way,
with a hope to return there another fine day.
Any time I was lonely, I’d think of those friends,
Then sprinkle some magic to be with them again!

In time I grew older, as all children will do,
and those magical visits became very few.
Only whenever my world turned to turmoil or strife,
I would escape to the fairies from the sadness of life.

Just a touch of their glitter and I’d be taken away,
to the land of those elfins, where again I could play.
Alas, I am old now, life’s race nearly run,
my days as a pixie are over and done.

But my playmate’s are waiting to make a new friend,
It would be a sin for this enchantment to end.
So if you believe that this story is true…
One day I may pass on this magic to you!


  1. Hi Cynthia,

    I believe every word and can feel it working already! I was there with you all, having great fun. I'm sure your grandchildren will be captivated.

  2. I liked very much this poem Cynthia :)

  3. Wonderful Cynthia. I don't think I will ever be too old to fall asleep listening to a true fairy tale. It is true. Right? Ron

  4. Your grandchildren have such beautiful names.
    The fairy tale is very illustrative like those lovely books we had as children.Impressed with all the rhmying couplets

    Alas I am old now
    life's race nearly run
    my days as a pixie
    are over and done
    except when Emilio
    rubs my poor feet
    and serves me a cocktail
    to help me to sleep

  5. OOhh, Sinth, I thought the afternoon cocktails were to perk you up??!!

    Funny Rall!

  6. Cynthia, this was a delight to read. Your grandchildren are very fortunate to have a grandmother with this talent of imagination. I do hope you share it with them. This would make an excellent children book with illustrations. I have always gone against the grain of the "poetry intellects," I believe the rhyme is the only true poetry, the rest trifles of effort. I do hope that you continue to write in this style. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

  7. What a great way to use rhyme, Cynthia - in a fairy tale! I hope you share it with children too.

    Paul Oakley
    Blogging his ReadWritePoem poems at
    Inner Light, Radiant Life

  8. Cynthia,

    This is captivating and imaginative, and features a great use of rhyme. I think you've managed to succinctly versify your own fairy tale, and in a colorful but understandable voice for children. A fairy tale may be a lie, but of the utterly defensible variety.

  9. This poem was magic, Cynthia. I agree that you should publish it as a children's story. What fortunate grandchildren you have!

  10. You have already passed on the magic. Inspired by you I wrote a brief poem recently about my grandmother and burnt toast. It truly was delicious. Godspeed and keep writing my new friend.

  11. A great gift to your grandkids... and us. It lifted my mood, and I'll be reaching for the fairy dust tonight. These were my favorite lines:

    On squirrel backs we galloped up tall trees and down,
    all the while giggling- a pixie can’t frown!

  12. cynthia a very fantastical poem of enchantment and fun. your rhyme scheme plays well throughout and the stanza breaks hit at the right spots. a very refreshing read this afternoon, every now and again it's certainly is pleasuring to slip off into the imaginary, thanks. -lawrence

  13. Impressive use of rhyme -- your grandchildren are lucky to have this.

  14. Yes, it's a gift to those grandchildren -- you ought to create a tangible keepsake for them. With this one to start and keep going!

  15. Wonderfully magical - love the rhyme and flow - it feels like a fairy dance. Indeed, this is fine.